Million Dollar Race

word type: noun

  1. A leader board promotion on PartyPoker that awards the top 3,000 players a share of $1,000,000 in rewards.


All players that play poker for real money on PartyPoker are eligible for the promotion. The more points a player accumulates (only by paying rake at ring game tables) the higher a player will go on the leader board. If the player finishes in the top 3,000 they receive a share of the $1,000,000 in prize money. Additionally, the top player will win a $20,000 elite package to the WSOP plus another $20,000 in cash.

Race Points are not Party Points

Race points are not the same as PartyPoints. According to PartyPoker's website, the Race Point Calculator shows that the equation for figuring out race points is:

(Total rake per user per hour / Total hands per user per hour * Total raked hands per user per hour) * X = Race Points

X in this equation refers to a table that is derived from (Total rake per user per hour / Total hands per user per hour).