word type: verb

  1. To bet with no made hand or a weaker hand disguised as strong.
  2. Describing when a poker player bets with no made hand or a weaker hand disguised as strong (adjective). For example, a player trying to take down a pot with 8-3 on a board of A-K-K-J-6 would be bluffing.

Popular Uses

Good call. I know better than to bluff an idiot. -Doyle Brunson on national television after losing a $62,700 pot to Ted Forrest.

Dick Goodwin: I know you're lying.
Charles Van Doren: Bluffing. The word is bluffing
. -From the 1994 film Quiz Show

You can't bluff a bluffer. -Unknown

World Series of Poker

Arguably the most famous bluff in the history of poker occurred when Chris Moneymaker risked all of his chips with only King-high on the river when heads-up with Sammy Farha in the Main Event of the 2003 World Series of Poker. Farha later said in an interview that he knew Moneymaker would go all-in if he missed his draw, so considering that's exactly what happened, Farha knew he had the best hand. He attributes his fold to being tired, not thinking straight, and his belief that he could beat Moneymaker without taking such a big risk.

Suggested Reading

The Book of Bluffs - How to Bluff and Win at Poker by Matt Lessinger is an excellent read. It provides detailed analysis on almost fifty different types of bluffs, including the famous Chris Moneymaker bluff. The book also includes an interview with Moneymaker.

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