word type: noun

  1. Manufacturer of plastic playing cards for poker and bridge, and official playing card of the World Series of Poker since 2005.

Company Information

Copag is the official playing card of the World Series of Poker and has been since 2005. The company headquarters is in Sao Paulo, Brazil and has been producing cards since 1908. Their cards are considered the best in the industry for poker.

How To Clean

The reasons that Copag cards are so popular include the thickness, weight, finish and overall quality of each individual card. Since the cards are based on plastic, they can be cleaned using a specific process. Steps to clean an individual card include:

1. Use cold water and never use hot water
2. Use a non abrasive cloth and gently wash individually
3. Clean only a few cards at a time
4. Rub very lightly on both sides
5. Inspect each card to make sure it's clean
6. Once a clean card is achieved, dry thoroughly at once using a clean soft non abrasive cloth
7. Spread cards on table and allow an hour on each side to air dry.