word type: poker slang

  1. A poker situation common in Texas Hold 'Em and Omaha Hi/Lo in which a once powerful hand has been neutered by the texture of the board.

Counterfeit Bills

In the world of currency fraud, it's usually the largest denomination bills that get counterfeited. In Hold 'Em, it's the opposite:

A small pair is the most likely hand to get counterfeited. For instance, when you have a pocket pair of fives and the board reads TT4-A-A, your hand has gone from two pair (tens and fives) to "five high," since the five highest community cards are being played (TTAA5).

In 08 games, it's typical for a low draw to get counterfeited when the low card gets paired on board. For example, your hand is A2KQ on a board that reads 76T on the flop. Here, on third street, you are holding the nut low draw. Any card higher that is eight or lower and higher than a deuce will provide you the best possible low hand.

However, if a 2 falls on fourth street, your hand has been counterfeited and now sucks.