Dolly Parton

word type: poker slang

  1. A nicknamed given to the Hold'em hand 95, a reference to the 1980s Dolly Parton movie "9 to 5."

Dolly Parton

As many know, Dolly Parton had huge boobs. The movie 9 to 5 and the hand nicknamed after it had nothing to do with her bosom. We just felt compelled to mention it.

9 to 5?

As many internet poker players are under the age of 30, the majority will have no memory or knowledge about the obscure movie or song staring and performed by Dolly Parton, 9 to 5. The gist of the movie is that she's a working girl in the business world trying to get past a chauvinist boss and making her way in the world. We'd probably rank it a 5 out of 9.

For Those of You on Drugs...

Here's a great YouTube clip of Dolly performing her hit song "9 to 5" ... with Disney and 'Alice in Wonderland' characters. We'd don't get either. Enjoy!