word type: noun

  1. Money won for suffering a bad beat in poker, which usually requires that aces-full or four of a kind loses to a superior hand using both hole cards. It's often used in the phrase "bad beat jackpot."


A Bad Beat Jackpot is a progressive jackpot that awards a cash prize to a player who loses a pot, despite having a tremendous hand. An extra rake is taken from every pot at special Bad Beat Jackpot tables in order to fund the jackpot. While found in brick and mortar poker rooms, there are best known online.

While different poker rooms have different qualification standards, the to win the jackpot, a player must typically use both hole cards, see the showdown, and not discuss the hand in the chat box at any point. The entire jackpot is not usually awarded to the loser of the hand. Usually, around 70 percent of the jackpot is awarded, and of this, half will go to the loser of the hand. One quarter will go to the winner of the hand, and the rest will be divided amongst the players at the table who were dealt cards. Of the remaining 30 percent that was not used at all, 20 percent will be used to start the next jackpot and 10 percent will go to the house.

People Who Play at Bad Beat Jackpot Tables

* People who have never heard of rake.
* Fish.
* People who find the lottery fun.
* Good players who have no choice because nobody is playing at non-jackpot tables.

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