Prahlad Friedman

word type: person

  1. Well-known online cash game poker player who is from Richmond, CA. Best known for being the best no limit holdem high stakes regular on UltimateBet for the 2004-2006 poker boom era.


Prahlad is well-known for his silly-sounding raps. His music has made many appearances. Years ago, a page appeared for an artist called Pragress. As it turned out, it was Prahlad.

In addition, Prahlad has appeared in promos for the rakeback site (which was founded by his cousin Jay). He can also be founded rapping on ESPN -- see the Poker Terms page on Avoidance.

Online Poker Names

Prahlad is best known for the names Mahatma (UB) and Spirit Rock (FTP and formerly UB). However, he has also played on names such as aplusgame247 (his wife's name on UB) and Zweig (formerly Prima, now MicroGaming).

It has been rumored that Prahlad is also the account poopers on PokerStars, but Prahlad has denied these rumors except to admit that he's friends with the owner of the account.

Signature Move

Prahlad's signature move is the overbet shove, often on the river. He managed to balance his range on these shoves to the point where it made his opponent's decision very difficult. In addition, he often managed to tilt other poker players on UltimateBet due to the unusual nature of his hyper-aggressive style.

Well-Known Opponents

Prahlad often played long multiple-table heads up sessions with the online poker pro Taylor "Green Plastic" Caby. Much to Prahlad's dismay, he often found it quite difficult to beat Taylor. Their matches often sparked unprecedented railbird interest (this was before the days of regular high stakes games on Full Tilt for significantly more money) along with many poker forum posts.