Splash the Pot

word type: verb

  1. To toss chips into the pot recklessly; throwing chips into the center of the table when betting.

Rounders Quote! Now With Sound!

Mike McDermott: All right, I'll call the two grand. I'll gamble. Don't splash the pot.
Teddy KGB: You're on a draw, Mike? Go away. This one is not good for you. And in my club, I will splash the pot whenever the fuck I please.


But Seriously, Don't Splash the Pot

Splashing the pot is a breach of etiquette at the poker table. If it is unintentional, it is just a minor faux pas, but if it is done with hostile intent, it can really cause a player to become persona non grata. A messy pot is difficult for the players to count and splashing the pot creates delays in the game as the dealer restacks the chips. Plus, an errant chip may roll over to someone else's seat, potentially causing confusion if not noticed immediately.

Calm Down, Dude

Not exactly splashing the pot, but we thought it was kind of funny.