Bridge Order

word type: noun

  1. The rank of the suits in a deck of cards: Spades are the highest rank, followed by Hearts, then Diamonds, then Clubs.

What's the Sig?

All suits are treated equally in a hand of poker, but when determining who has the button at the start of the game or who makes the bring-in in a stud game, bridge order is used to break ties.


The following cards are dealt when drawing for the button: 5c, Js, 9d, Ts, 3h, Jd. Even though two players tied for the high card with a Jack, the one who has the Jack of Spades starts on the button, as Spades ranks higher in the bridge order.

So, Does My Heart Flush Beat a Club Flush?

If the value of the highest card in the flush itself is higher, yes, but if they are exactly the same, then no - bridge order is meaningless to determine the winner of a poker hand. A-J-8-7-4 of Hearts is exactly the same as A-J-8-7-4 of clubs. Didn't we already mention this earlier? Hearts might beat Clubs in terms of prettiness, though.