word type: verb

  1. To raise the maximum number of times possible in a hand in limit poker. Four raises are typically the maximum number allowed. The fourth and final raise is known as "capping" the bet or simply the "cap."

Popular Uses

I had pocket rockets, so I was thrilled to see a raise and two re-raises before the action got around to me. Naturally, I capped the betting. -Unknown

Reasons for a Cap

The main reason that there is a cap in limit poker is that without it, the game would be no-limit, as players could raise each other into oblivion. Limit poker requires different strategy than no-limit poker, so there needs to be a cap in place to maintain that separation. Besides, hands could go on forever if there could be dozens of raises every hand.

Wait, I Thought This Was Limit!

At many casinos, the cap on betting is removed when there are only two people left in the hand. Thus, at that point, it becomes a quasi-no-limit game. Some casinos allows the players to skip the raising and re-raising if they both agree to go all-in, whereas other casinos require the raising to go back and forth until someone is finally all-in.