word type: noun

  1. Acronym for Heads Up Display
  2. Overlay software to display statistics directly onto an online poker table.

HUD Programs

HUDs are generated by database mining utilities for online poker such as PokerTracker 3, Hold'em Manager, or Poker Co-Pilot. These programs import hand history files into a database and display the stats on an online poker table.

Typical HUD Stats

Typically there are major statistics that all players who use a HUD employ. These include:

VPIP: Voluntarily Put Money into the Pot
PFR: Preflop Raise %
AF: Aggression Factor
Steal: % of time stealing the blinds
3bet: % of the time a player makes a 3bet

These are only the core basics and many players often have as many as 12-20 different stats live on every player.

Poker Rooms That Accept HUDs

HUD programs are acceptable to use at many of the major online poker rooms. These accepted locations include: PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Party Poker, Absolute Poker, Microgaming Network, iPoker, Bodog, UltimateBet, and the Ongame Network.