Joe Sebok

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  1. Joe Sebok, also know as "The Cub" because Barry Greenstein (who he calls "Bear") is his stepfather, is a professional poker player from San Francisco, California.

Along with Greenstein, Sebok co-founded GreenBok Production and PokerRoad is a popular poker media outlet most known for its radio program PokerRoad Radio, which Joe hosts with friend Gavin Smith and Joe Stapleton.

Prop Betting History

Sebok and Smith are also very well known for the ridiculous prop betting antics, so much so that they got their own internet-tv show called "Prop Bets" on On the show, the two men go head-to-head in events such as competitive eating, billiards, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

One of the more notable bets between Joe and Gavin was their race for Card Player of the Year points during hold'em events at the 2006 WSOP. Joe lost the bet, and was required to wear a different costume on each day of the main event, despite the fact that he busted on day 1B whilst wearing a bear costume with a diaper. He also appeared as Spider-Man and Wonder Woman in the following days, as per Gavin's orders.