Ace on the River

word type: book

  1. A book by Barry Greenstein about life in the poker world. It was published in 2005.

Unique Publication

Unlike 2+2-style books, which largely emphasize strategic elements of poker, Greenstein's manuscript focuses on less tangible aspects of the poker world.

Roughly two-thirds of the book is devoted to less-often-discussed aspects of poker life in chapters such as "How to Behave in the Poker Society" and "Integrity." Greenstein also discusses some pitfalls associated with the poker lifestyle like women and gambling.

In another creative choice that distinguished his work from most poker books, Greenstein incorporated dozens of glossy photos into the layout.

Parting Gift

After getting busted out of a poker tournament, it is Greenstein's tradition to sign a copy of Ace on the River and hand it to the player who won the hand.