Terms Starting with U

terms are listed in alphabetical order


Uallgoingtap is a taunt that indicates that someone is going to go broke, get felted, go bust in poker. It is also the nickname for Ari Abramowitz. (read more)


THE UBOC is a multi-million dollar championship online poker tournament series played at UB.com, otherwise known as Ultimate Bet. (read more)


The UIGEA was introduced by Bill Frist intended to stop all internet gambling, including poker. It stands as a laughable and unenforceable law. (read more)


'UL' is an acronym for 'unlucky' and is one of many superfluous and mildly grating phrases employed by online poker players. (read more)

UltimateBet (UB.com)

UB.com , which up until recently was known as Ultimate Bet, is a poker site that offers a wide variety of SNGs, tournaments, and cash games. (read more)


Terrence Chan, aka Unassigned, is known for many things in the poker world, among them being an early employee of PokerStars and a limit hold 'em expert. (read more)

Under the Gun

The player under the gun, or UTG as it's commonly referred to, is seated to the left of the big blind and acts first pre-flop. (read more)


An underdog, or dog, is a player who is behind statistically in a hand. He will need to catch outs in order to win the hand. (read more)


Underfull is a full house that is not the nut full house, but rather a full house composed of one of the lower cards on board, like 44 on a board of 88743. (read more)


uNL is an acronym popular on poker forums on the internet meaning 'Micro Stakes No Limit'. (read more)


The term unopened in poker refers to when a pot has not been raised during pre-flop activity. (read more)

Up and Down Straight Draw

An Up and Down Straight Draw is a term used for an open ended straight draw. (read more)


Upswings are the opposite of downswings, a net result, usually observed over a long time frame, that have a positive monetary result. (read more)


The USPC, or United States Poker Classic, is the biggest poker tournament held at the Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, a $10,000 buyin. (read more)


The acronym UTG stands for Under The Gun, meaning that they are referring to a time that they act after the big blind. (read more)