word type: poker slang

  1. A term used to describe a high card type of hand which cannot win. A hand with absolutely no showdown value.
  2. No thing; not anything; zero.


In a high stakes cash game Phil Ivey makes a hero call against an unknown fish opponent. "I've got nothing," says the fish as he turns over AJ on the KT432 board. Ivey turns over 54 suited for the win and soul read.

Willy Wonka Tells it Like it is...

Once upon a time in the PocketFives forums, a poster made a thread complaining about a bad beat that knocked him out of a tournament on the bubble. He got all-in with aces and lost to Q8, or something similarly tragic. In of of the most perfect and underrated responses in PocketFives history, an unknown member replied by posting the video below. The clip is an extremely apt way to respond to a person whining about bad beats: