Plus V

word type: poker slang

  1. Expression which means "plus value". This refers to any situation where you increased value in your life.

Difference from Plus EV

EV refers to "expected value" which is the sum of outcomes multiplied by their probability of occurring. So if you are betting even money on whether Kobe Bryant will make a free throw and he's historically an 80% free throw shooter, then you're "plus ev" when you're betting for him to make it and you're "minus ev" when you're betting for him to miss it.

However, let's say you bet for him to miss it at even money. For obvious reasons, this is a retarded bet. However, should you suck out and win the bet, then you can say "well that bet was plus v". The reason is that, if you win, it's always "plus v". Plus V simply refers to an increase in value with complete disregard for the "expectation" aspect of gambling.

Typical Uses

If anyone else complains about a bad beat, you can simply say: "well my play was plus v at least"

Alternatively, instead of the sarcastic "well played" you can say "nice plus v play"