word type: noun

  1. Person who insists on claiming that online poker is rigged while simultaneously claiming that live poker is much "more random"


Bill Rini made a blog post on March 14th, 2009 about a long series of emails between himself and a very dedicated rigtard. It's quite entertaining and we recommend reading it: Crazy Rigtards.

Where do rigtards come from?

No one really knows. But the prevailing theory is that the average rigtard is a 47 year old single overweight male living in a half-finished basement in his parent's Vegas home. He more than likely has gambled in Vegas casinos and lost quickly only to never return. At some point he may have made a $50 online poker deposit and lost it. He's since devoted himself to the rigtarding cause and he plans on spending the rest of his sad existence tarding around the internet.

However, your experiences may vary when you run into your very own rigtard.