Sit and Go

word type: noun

  1. A type of freezeout poker tournament, also called a SNG, that begins whenever a certain number of players register.

Types of SNGs

There are two types of SNGs: single-table tournaments (STTs) and multi-table tournaments (MTTs).

STT SNGs: SNGs were popularized by STTs - usually two, six, or nine man tournaments - that were and still are convenient for players who can't play for many hours in a row. Although it is extremely taxing, there are many SNG grinders who play STTs for eight hours a day - almost like a job - and make a decent living playing poker. In general though, STT SNGs are very tedious and much less glamorous than MTTs and cash games

MTT SNGs: Over the last few years, MTT SNGs have gained in popularity, probably due to the banality of their STT cousins. MTT SNGs are simply more fun and less of a grind than STTs, and with MTT SNGs ranging as high as 180 players, they become almost like MTTs. It really is a great compromise - if you don't have the eight hours to play a 1500 person tournament but want something more than a nine-man SNG, a $22 180 person SNG on PokerStars usually takes three to four hours and awards over $1K.

Great for Beginning Players

SNGs are great for novice players because variance is much lower in SNGs than in MTTs or cash games. Usually, poker players lose a little bit of money as they learn the game, but SNGs soften the blow. SNGs are also a an exceptional way to learn the fundamentals of poker such as preflop hand strength, stack sizes, fold equity, bet sizing, and pot odds. You can find a great selection of SNGs on both PokerStars and Full Tilt.