word type: noun

  1. Website devoted to tracking the results of SnGs and other online tournaments.

Sharkscope This

Sharkscope tracks several stats related to tournament results, including ROI, volume and rake paid.


Sharkscope is also known for their icons that denote good and bad players. The stats which the icons represent are customizable, but generally, a user with a shark lurking beside their name is a winner, and a user-name accompanied by a fish puddling around in a bowl is a big loser.


Sharkscope has Sit & Go Leaderboards which track grinders of all SNGs from heads up to 4-6 tables, and all buy-in levels. Players are differentiated on the leaderboards by a three star system: crystal for the leader of a given category, gold for players ranking 2-5 in the same category, and white for any other players in the top 20 of a leaderboard.