word type: noun

  1. The box in an online poker room that allows one player to converse with other players. It is also where the actions in the hand can be found and reviewed. Players can have their chat banned for using this area for cheating or berating other players.
  2. Conversing with other players in a hand (verb).

Chatty Kathys

* Jamie Gold
* Daniel Negreanu
* Gavin Smith
* Phil Laak
* Mike "The Mouth" Matusow (ldo)
* Humberto Brenes
* Mark Seif

Strong, Silent Types

* Allen Cunningham
* Chris "Jesus" Ferguson
* Phil Ivey
* John Juanda
* Huck Seed
* Erik Seidel
* Barry Greenstein

Online Poker Chat Ban

There are other easy ways to get your chat banned at an online poker room aside from the couple offenses mentioned above. Spamming the chat boxes with advertisements for your affiliate website or even another online poker room will get you silenced quickly. Circumventing the profanity filter is another - don't type "fcuk" or "" in place of the f-word. Everyone knows what you are saying and you are purposely skirting the poker room's rules.

You Should Also Know...

Part of the fun of live poker is the social aspect of playing with others in person. While it is always nice to participate in an good conversation, be careful chatting at the poker table. Your speech could be a tell. It is quite common to see someone yapping away and then suddenly go silent when they need to concentrate. This is typically a sign of a big hand.