Sit n Go Strategy

word type: book

  1. A book by noted Sit n Go professional Collin Moshman widely considered to be the best beginner's guide to Sit n Go game play theory.


The book's chapters include:

  • Low-Blind Play
  • Mid-Blind Play
  • High-Blind Play
  • Sit n Go Career Play
  • Appendix A: What is the Probability of...?
  • Appendix B: Pushing Tables
  • Appendix C: Drawing Odds Chart
  • Appendix D: Pre-Flop Hand Probabilities
  • Appendix E: Your Hand Against a Random Hand
  • Appendix F: Consecutive Hands Starting as the Bubble Short Stack

Book Details

Pages: 281

Amazon Customer Rating: 4.5 Stars out of 5

Book Type: Paperback