word type: noun

  1. A tip given to a dealer after winning a hand. The term is derived from the word "token," referring to its size, which is normally a dollar or two.

Good Form

Generally, it's a good idea to tip or 'toke' your dealer, especially if you're running well and having a winning session. Dealers do not make a very good hourly wage and often depend on tips, and since it's less likely that the losing players at your table will tip out, the onus is on you (assuming you're winning).

Bad Form

Let's say you drag a $400 pot at a $1/2 NL table after getting it on the turn of a K-7-4-2 board with AA vs. your opponent's set of kings. However, you hit an ace on the river to win the pot, at which point you do not tip the dealer. If you just forgot, you can always toke him a $5 chip later and so so, but if it was deliberate, well, let's just say that's extremely bad etiquette.