word type: noun

  1. Extra chips available for purchase at the end of a rebuy period. It's usually equal to or greater than the starting chip stack.

When to Take the Add-On - Simple Version


When to Take the Add-On - Extended Version

While it is almost always in your best interest to purchase the extra chips, you can still use your best judgment to determine whether or not it is appropriate. Some situations where it wouldn't be too bad to pass are if the add-on would comprise a tiny portion of your stack, if you would still be extremely short stacked even with the add-on, or if you feel you are just outclassed in the tournament and want to cut your losses.


At some live tournaments, typically ones with small buy-ins, you will have the opportunity to purchase an add-on before the tournament starts. It usually only costs a few dollars, maybe just five or ten bucks, but will sometimes as much as double your starting stack. The money for these "pre-add-ons" often serves as a bonus for the dealers. Take this add-on.

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