word type: verb

  1. Buying back into a tournament after being eliminated if the tournament's structure allows it.
  2. The amount of money required to buy back into a tournament (noun).
  3. A tournament in which re-buys are allowed for certain period of time, also called a re-buy tournament.

Rebuy Style

Play during the rebuy period is going to be very loosey-goosey, as players know they can just refill their stacks if they bust. Don't be afraid to mix it up.

How Many Times Should I Rebuy?

As many times as you want. Some people feel that you should be prepared to rebuy an infinite number of times during the rebuy period, but this isn't realistic for most people. One thing that may help make it feel like you're not just bleeding money is budget a certain number of rebuys and then pretend the tournament buy-in is the sum of your original buy-in plus rebuys and add-ons. If you spend the max, then that is expected. If you spend less, then all the better.

2009 World Series of Poker

Rebuy tournaments were removed from the schedule for the 2009 WSOP in part because some professional players, most notably Daniel Negreanu, felt players with deep pockets had too large of an advantage.

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