word type: acronym

  1. Acronym for "Be Right Back".

Used in a Sentence

ElkY: "Hey I need to grab a ham sandwich. brb."
isildur1: "Okay but be back in 10 minutes I can't burn off my bankroll fast enough at PLO!"

Accepted Excuses to Use BRB

There are plenty of accepted excuses to type in "BRB" in a chat box during a poker game. They are:

  • Take a leak
  • Take a poop
  • Grab an energy drink
  • Douse a house fire
  • Shoo away religious zealots at the door
  • Boobies
  • Child shoving fork in toaster
  • Blow off some steam due to tilt

Unaccepted Excuses to Use BRB

As there are accepted excuses, there are also ones that are unacceptable. They include:

  • Answering a random phone call
  • Texting your bff
  • Anything Facebook
  • To catch an episode of The View
  • Listen to a spouse complain about you playing poker too often