Brown Trout

word type: poker slang

  1. Silly phrase used by members of the Two Plus Two forums to identify themselves at the poker tables.


2p2'er #1: Where does the brown trout sleep?
2p2'er #2: In the closet.

2p2'er #1: Does the brown trout sleep in the closet?
2p2'er #2: Aye it does.

What's the Password?

In the early days of the Two Plus Two poker forums, 2p2'ers liked to find out who else at their table frequented the forums so that they knew who else was likely to be skilled. By uttering the brown trout catch phrase, they would determine by the responses who was in the know. As Two Plus Two has become more and more popular and thus less of a secret, the brown trout passphrase has little use anymore.


One of the greatest teams in the history of the online football MMORPG, Goal Line Blitz (GLB), is the Brown Trout, founded by 2p2'ers. Led by dot football super nerd-turned-GLB moderator, Vanilla Thunder, and motivated by punter and lover extraordinaire, Buljin DePaantz, the Brown Trout is a symbol of Truth, Justice, and the American Way, despite playing in the Canadian Pro League.