IMO (In My Opinion)

word type: acronym

  1. Abbreviation for "in my opinion" commonly used on internet poker forums.

Examples imo

I'd rather live in the ascent of a civilization than in its decline, imo.
McDonald's fries are the best imo.
Nice turn call imo.
This table is a nit-fest imo.
Happy Birthday imo.
The sky is blue imo.
Trout imo.
Hobos too high imo.

This Guy Doesn't Get It imo

In poker chat, whether it be on a site, or in a forum, I keep seeing "imo." Sometimes, it seems fitting, but it seems like the new "lol" or something. Many times, if you substitute the words "in my opinion", it doesn't even make sense to finish or begin the particular sentence. Also, if someone is expressing theyr [sic] feelings toward a particular subject or circumstance, don't we know it is their opinion? After all, this person is the one making the statement...It seems like this is a new poker fad and is being wayyy overused "imo." -internet poker forum poster, The Shrog, someone who is thinking WAY too hard.

Meme imo

The term "imo," while having a literal definition, has reached meme status in online forums. People often use it now in situations where it is not appropriate, such as times when they are stating a fact, not an opinion. But, as The Shrog didn't realize, that's part of the fun.