word type: poker slang

  1. Incredulous version of "what." An internet meme.


Dumb Internet Poster: Sorry I can't provide all the details right now. But, potentially shocking thread about PS support. FYI, i've been supernova since almost May of last year. So I'm not some random and, if you care to SS, I'm not some random losing donk. Craggoo if you want to SS. The first 2k games are from 2005 I think. In before, luckbox, heater, etc.

First Respondent: wat

There's a Time and a Place

Nowadays, the meme "wat" is easily overused. Teenagers who overestimate their cleverness will just throw it out there as an insult to anything and everything they either don't understand or with which they disagree. A well placed "wat," however, can be all that is needed to communicate to an internet message board poster that what they wrote violates all rules of logic, sensibility, and/or readability.

Devin Porter says...

Devin Porter