word type: who knows

  1. The segment of time during a poker tournament when the blinds and antes remain the same.
  2. A way for members of poker message boards to identify sarcastic or facetious remarks and gags; often overused.


Levels (more specifically "level jumps") are the building blocks of tournament structures.


As a meme on internet message boards, the term "level" is usually thrown into the mix of conversation as a way of either:

a) Ascertaining whether a certain comment was meant to be taken as a joke, a lark, or a facetious remark. E.g., "Are you leveling us?"

b) Asserting that unless such a comment was made under the auspices of being a "level," it is absurd and probably false. E.g., "This better be a level."


c) Evading criticism after making this type of comment in earnest when it was subsequently proven to be absurd or false. E.g., "Come on people, I was obviously leveling you."