word type: poker slang

  1. The state of drawing in poker without a made hand.
  2. The second most common way that craps bets are made (besides the "pass" bet) in a casino craps game.
  3. To ejaculate or reach orgasm.

What it Is

For poker, a fairly old-fashioned way of saying that you are drawing.

The Come Bet in a Dice Game

The most common way to bet on the outcome of a the roll of the dice is by placing a wager on the "pass line" on the dice table. The "come line" represents a nearly identical way of betting on such outcomes, except after the "point" has been established.

So a dice player will place his wager on the pass line. When a 4,5,6,8,9 or 10 is rolled the point is established, and the player will win when the shooter rolls the number before rolling a 7.

If he wants to bet on further numbers in the same manner, he will place a wager on the Come Line, which functions the exact same way.

Players may also bet the other way--on the "don't come" or "don't pass" lines--wagering that a seven will roll before the point is rolled again.

Colloquially Speaking

When someone is pleased by the results of a situation or the introduction of a positive element into his life, you might hear them say, "I came," even though it's not a literal representation of the third definition.