Drawing Thin

word type: poker slang

  1. A term used to describe a player who is drawing to very few outs.


Let's say you're in the BB and get dealt 99. Action folds to the player on the button, who raises to 3x the BB. You decide to flat and the flop comes down A92. You check, and after your opponent makes a continuation bet, you decide to move all-in and hope he has an ace. However when he snapcalls and flips aces, you are drawing extremely thin. More specifically, you have one out (the remaining 9).

Situational Examples

Using PokerStove, we can analyze the exact numbers behind some common situations in which you will be 'drawing thin'.

Let's say you hold AcQs and get all-in on a 8d 7d Ah flop vs. AdKd. To say the least, you're a huge underdog.

Board: 8d 7d Ah - {AcQs} = 6.67%, {AdKd} = 92.12%

Even though you have an OESD with 8s7d on a 9h 6c Ks board, if you get all-in vs. ThTs you're drawing thin because your opponent has two of your outs (known as blockers).

Board: 9h 6c Ks - {8s7d} = 23.84%, {ThTs} = 76.16%

Lastly, if you get your kings all-in preflop against aces, you're drawing very thin.

{AcAh} = 81.71%, {KhKs} = 17.82%