word type: acronym

  1. An acronym for Good Luck All, something nice that a poker player might say at the start of a tournament.

Used at a Poker Table

At the start of the $5 online poker tournament, players were seated. A particularly nice chap, known online as "AAdonkmehardAA" then types into the chat box, "GLA!" meaning "Good Luck All."


Although certainly a nice gesture, issuing a 'GLA!' to fellow opponents at your table is slightly ironic. For example, let's say you get dealt AK the very first hand of the tournament, right after you have wished the whole table good luck. You raise and when you get re-raised, you decide to move all-in, only to see your opponent snapcall and flip QQ - a classic race. Surely, you do not wish good fortune on your opponent, because if you do, you will be eliminated from the tournament. Essentially, this means that even though poker players might say 'GLA!' when they first get seated, as soon as the cards are in the air, they no longer mean it.