Patrik Antonius

word type: person

  1. Finnish professional poker player best known for being a high stakes online cash game player.


Many Two Plus Two'ers prefer to refer to Antonius as "god". The reason for this is his good looks, great poker skills and all-around awesome-seeming life. More so than any other poker player other than Phil Ivey, Patrik seems to be above the normal criticism that litters the online poker forum community discussions. It's virtually universally regarded that Patrik is one of the best online no limit holdem and pot limit omaha players in the world.

Also, Patrik has a sweet Aston Martin and a baby girl. He's been married for a few years to a woman named Maya.

Durrrr Challenge

Patrik was the first challenger to step up in the highly publicized durrrr challenge. If Patrik can win the challenge, he'll pick up a $1.5 million dollar bonus courtesy of Tom durrrr Dwan. At the time of this writing, Patrik and durrrr are only about 4,000 hands into an expected 50,000 hands.