word type: poker slang

  1. A reference to the monetary cost of making a call.


The slang term price is widely used in any poker games, be it online or live. Price refers to the cost a player is presented with when making a call on any given street. In other words, when a player faces a bet, the amount that they have to put into the pot to see the next card (or showdown) is known as the price.


You have AJo on the button and the board is A-9-10-3-2 with no flush draws filling. Your opponent leads into you for $25 into a $40 pot. The "price" of making this call would be $25.

Getting the Right Price

Often times, especially in Limit Hold'em games, it's all about getting the right price. That means you have the correct pot odds to make a call. More directly, the ratio of the call-to-pot monetary investment is favorable compared to the odds of hitting the draw.