word type: poker slang

  1. A term that refers to when a player makes a call and doesn't make a raise with a strong hand in order to disguise its strength and keep the opponent betting.


This is a form of a slowplay, where you make a call instead of a raise with a big hand.


Let's say you make a call on the button with 8d9s and are heads-up with one opponent. The flop comes down 5-6-7 rainbow. Your opponent bets the pot, and instead of raising with the nuts, you decide to sandbag and play it slow. The turn is a J, and the action goes the same way it did on the flop - your opponent bets and you call. When the river peels off a queen, your opponent immediately shoves all-in with his pocket queens, no doubt thinking he has the best hand. However, when you beat him into the pot and turn up the nut straight, your opponent likely feels like he got hit with a bag of sand.