Smooth Call

word type: verb

  1. To call a bet when one would normally raise, in order to play the hand deceptively.
  2. A call made in a situation when one would normally raise. (noun)

Popular Uses

And "smooth called" - huh? I see that phrase when people are trying to show that someone was slow playing or otherwise trying to be deceptive about their hand. So what? How about I "called." doesn't add anything to my picture of the hand and it seems more like someone trying to be "Mr. Poker Guy" than anything else. -Me, before I my brain developed.

I hate it when people smooth call with Aces and get away with it. I want them to pay for giving me a free card. -Unknown

People Who Don't Understand Smooth Call

Me, circa January 2005

Related Terms

Flat Call, Slow Play