word type: poker slang

  1. To take an inordinate amount of time to call an all-in bet or raise as the last player to act and nobody else besides the all-in player remaining in the hand, all while holding the nuts. It is considered very unsportsmanlike.

Popular Uses

Can we find someone who we can pay to visit the homes of people who slowroll online...a sort of Rambo type is needed imo. To timebank and leave it til 1 second before making the call preflop with Aces should be punishable by having your computer or laptop rammed sideways up your arse. -Online poker forum poster

Shocking Video!

This slow roller actually took out a camera and asked the player next to him to record this hand. Fortunately, the player he slow rolled was a friend of his, or his kneecaps may have been introduced to a baseball bat in the casino parking lot later.

You Should Also Know...

Not everything that seems like a slow roll online is really a slow roll. Keep in mind that people can have slow internet connections or be playing multiple tables, creating a delay in their actions. At the same time, if someone lets his clock run down, then uses his time bank and lets that run down to a second before calling with the nuts, then it's ok to put a curse on his family.