World Poker Tour

word type: noun

  1. A TV show that has been airing the final, six-person table of major poker tournaments for seven years.

Does the WPT Suck?

Basically, yes. One might think that during the time from 2002-2006 a blind monkey could turn a TV show featuring tournament players vying for $1M or more in cash into a big hit. Yet, somehow, the WPT still struggles, and the upcoming seventh season will be broadcast on FSN, the third network to carry the WPT broadcasts.

Why Does the WPT Suck?

It's hard to say. One possible explanation is that the WPT, through its refusal to allow players to wear logos during its first several seasons, effectively choked the marketability of poker as a spectacle. Refusing to share any marketing revenue with players for several years and creating other rules that were antagonistic to poker players' (like disallowing deals) are two possible explanations for why the WPT might suck.


The World Poker Tour did initially play a big part in bringing televised poker tournaments into the mainstream. It is also worth noting that the individual tournaments that the WPT films, at such locations as Foxwoods and the Bellagio, have benefited as a result of the TV exposure.