2-7 Lowball

word type: noun

  1. 2-7 lowball ("deuce-to-seven," or, colloquially "deuce") refers to a form of draw poker in which players are dealt five cards, and the best possible hand (called a "wheel" or "number one") consists of 7,5,4,3,2. Aces play as the highest card in the deck, and straights and flushes count as high hands.


As a limit game, 2-7 Lowball is usually played "triple draw (TD)," meaning there are three rounds of drawing (each accompanied by a round of betting) to make the best hand.

The other popular style of 2-7 plays with just one draw and using a no-limit (NL) betting structure. Players are dealt cards, bet, draw once and bet again, and then the hand is over.

Another, far less common style of lowball, A-5 (ace-to-five), is played in the same way, except the best possible hand is the traditional wheel, A,2,3,4,5


The annual 2-7 No Limit Lowball w/ Rebuys event at the World Series of Poker is often regarded as "the pro's event" and a bracelet in this event enjoys is highly regarded among pros.

Famous 2-7 players include Billy Baxter (NL) and Survivor contestant Jean-Robert Bellande (TD).