word type: poker slang

  1. Making a hand by hitting cards on the turn and the river. It's synonymous with "runner-runner."

Popular Uses

My hole cards were 6-7 of spades and the flop came down 4-5-6 with one spade. I was feeling pretty good about my chances, since I had top pair, an open-ended straight draw, and a backdoor flush draw. -Unknown

You Should Also Know...

While "backdoor" is synonymous with "runner-runner," most people do not use "runner-runner" to describe a draw, whereas "backdoor" is used to describe both a draw and the resulting hand that is made. For example, if you have three hearts after the flop in a game of hold'em, you have a backdoor flush draw, since you need two more rounds, the turn and river, to make the flush. If you make the flush, you just hit "runner-runner" hearts or made a "backdoor" flush. Rarely will you hear someone say that they have a "runner-runner" flush draw; they would say that they need "runner-runner" hearts, instead. Get it? Good!

Bonus Definition

While not as common as the above definition, "backdoor" is also used to refer to a hand that is made other than the one for which the player was aiming. For instance, if you have four hearts after the flop and are shooting for a flush, but end up hitting runner-runner straight, you have backdoored a straight.

Math Time!

The probability of making a backdoor flush after the flop is 4.2%. In other words, don't count on it.

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