Battle of the Planets

word type: noun

  1. A Sit and Go tournament promotional leader board that runs each week and awards additional cash rewards to players that place in each of the eight different divisions.


Every player on PokerStars has the ability to enter into the Battle of the Planets promotion. Tournaments are separated into eight divisions, named after the planets, with each assigned to a specific buy-in grouping. Each planet division is split into two individual leader boards, Low Orbit and High Orbit. The Low Orbit leader board is for casual players and the High Orbit player is aimed at high volume grinders. Each planet division has its own weekly prize pool. In addition, every player that finishes in the top 10 of any leader board will receive an exclusive ticket to a monthly tournament.


Buy-In LevelDivision Name(US$) Prize Pool
$5-$9.99Venus $5,000
$50-$99.99Uranus $8,000