word type: acronym

  1. Acronym for "Double or Nothing," a certain type of Sit-N-Go.

DoNs Explained

A typical SNG tournament will start with 6, 9 or 10 players and the first place finisher will get the highest percentage payout from the prizepool.

DoNs--Double or Nothing SNGs--use a completely flattened pay structure, in which half the entrants double their money and the other half get nothing.

Payouts Explained

In a typical SNG--let's say a 9-handed NL table with a $100 buyin--the payouts would be 50%/30%/20%, meaning first place will receive $450 and third place will get $180.

In a DoN SNG--let's say a 10-handed NL DoN with a $100 buyin also--the first through fifth finishers will receive $200, while those who busted in the six through ten spots will get zero dollars back.

A Note on the Rake

The rake is usually slightly lower in DoN compared to an old-fashioned SnG. Using the $100-buyin example, a normal SnG will cost $9 rake ($100+9, while a DoN will only be $8 ($100+8).