Double Belly Buster

word type: poker slang

  1. A hand that has 2 gut-shot straight draws.


Let's say you have JT and the flop comes A-Q-8. Since a king or a nine gives you a straight, both are gut-shot draws otherwise known as belly busters. There are two in this hand, thus, a double belly buster.

Odds of Hitting a Double Gutshot

Essentially, a double gutty is the same as an open-ended straight draw (OESD). That is, you have two streets and eight outs - roughly a 30% chance - of hitting your hand.

Playing a Double Gutty

Where double gutshots differ from OESDs is in disguisability. To a certain degree, it's easy for observant opponents to include 45, 58, and 89 (OESDs) in your range on an A67 flop. However, opponent's will often fail to realize that you might hold 67 on a T84 flop, simply because it's harder to see. For this reason, you can usually play your double belly buster draws fairly cautiously, and maybe even extract extra value if you make your hand (since your line won't make sense to an opponent who doesn't include a double gutter in your range).