word type: noun

  1. An unskilled player, often one who plays extremely loosely, yet passively.
  2. Donkey; fish.
  3. To call a raise and then lead out with a bet on the following street. (verb)

Popular Uses

Generally a "Donk" is someone who doesn't have a lot of experience, but thinks they're "King Shit of Terd Island". -Blogger "BTD"

I was cruising as one of the chip leaders until I donked off all my chips and missed the money. -Unknown

You Should Also Know...

While "donk" or "donk bet" technically refer to a specific type of bet, they are more commonly used to refer to any sort of terrible bet. A donk bet can actually be a good move, depending on the situation. Some donk bets are premeditated stop-and-go bets.

Related Terms

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