Elite Poker Population

word type: who knows

  1. Someone who knows and talks to a lot of people in the poker world
  2. gambler2k4 (self-proclaimed)

Original Chat

(2006-10-07 03:04:19) gambler2k4: dude i'm such an elite poker population now
(2006-10-07 03:04:21) gambler2k4: it's unreal
(2006-10-07 03:04:36) GIFAFI: what?
(2006-10-07 03:04:49) GIFAFI: how can you be a population?
(2006-10-07 03:05:09) gambler2k4: i'm popular
(2006-10-07 03:05:25) GIFAFI: do you know the difference between popular and population?
(2006-10-07 03:05:27) gambler2k4: actionjeff asked me last night if i could take over a touranemnt for him
(2006-10-07 03:05:54) GIFAFI: congradulashuns
(2006-10-07 03:06:00) gambler2k4: and zeejustin added me on aim tgoday and started talkin to me
(2006-10-07 03:06:19) GIFAFI: you still haven't told me what this has to do with you being a poker population
(2006-10-07 03:06:26) gambler2k4: lol
(2006-10-07 03:06:31) gambler2k4: lets just say beer
(2006-10-07 03:06:53) GIFAFI: i'll go with the theory that you were dropped on your head as a kid
(2006-10-07 03:07:07) gambler2k4: lol
(2006-10-07 03:07:08) gambler2k4: yeah
(2006-10-07 03:07:12) gambler2k4: possibly