Hit and Run

word type: verb

  1. When a player joins a poker game, wins a big pot usually by pure luck, and immediately leaves never to be seen again.


Let's say a player sits down at your $2/$4 NL cash table and immediately gets all-in for stacks with AA vs. your KK. Ugh, mega cooler, but it's a long night and maybe you'll get him back. Nope! What Hit and Run artists do is rub salt in your wounds by leaving the table right after they stack you. Just breathe.

Combating Hit and Runs

Since you can't prevent a hit and run, the best way to combat it when it happens to you is to just wipe it from your memory. When the hit and runner stacks you, you need to remove yourself from the notion that he just took 'your' money. When he leaves the table, another player will replace him with more money. In short, there's no reason you need to win back the money you just lost from the same person - the less personal you make poker, the more successful you'll be.