Jennifer Tilly

word type: person

  1. Jennifer Tilly is an accomplished actress who also plays high stakes poker tournaments.

She Didn't Really Think He Had Quads

This clip shows an infamous hand played by accomplished actress Jennifer Tilly vs. poker professional Patrik Antonius, in which Tilly plays a very strong hand in a strange manner.

Though widely regarded as an incident of unadulterated donkishness, Nat Arem suggested over lunch in Monte Carlo in 2007 that her play was a brilliant publicity stunt for, "if she had bet the full house, we wouldn't be talking about it today:"

Yeah, in your BRA...

It's either a little known or simply forgotten fact, but Jim Carey is talking about the character played by Jennifer Tilly in this scene from Liar, Liar...

...and we think he's right: