Tiffany Michelle

word type: person

  1. An actress and poker personality who finished 17th in the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2008 for over $ 334,534 in prize money.


Tiffany Michelle has appeared in episodes of "ER" and "Guilty or Innocent" as well as the failed pilot episode of "That Was Then" as Stacey. She also had an uncredited role as Sarah in the Will Farrell movie "Semi-Pro" and had the leading role in an award winning indy film named "Carrie's Choice".

Brief Biography

Michelle is a poker player, commentator/interviewer, actress, singer and certified massage therapist. She was the last woman standing in the 2008 WSOP Main Event in 2008. She grew up playing cards with her brothers and grandfather and eventually signed on for a reporting job with Bluff Radio covering the 2006 WSOP. Since that time she's traveled the tournament circuit reporting for Poker News and Bluff. In 2008 she left behind her career as a reporter to become a professional poker player.

Sponsorship Controversy

During the 2008 Main Event, Michelle signed on with amid a firestorm of controversy. Poker News owner Tony G had bought Michelle in to the Main Event with a three-way split with the understanding that she'd wear a Poker News patch on her hat. However, on Day 5 Michelle wore a hat with's logo on it, and wore the Poker News patch on her shoulder. In an interview with Poker News Daily, Michelle explains that the deal was a backing deal that was honored, and she was entitled to sign up with whatever sponsor she felt like joining and that the backing deal was about where she finished in the tournament and didn't apply to any endorsement deals. She maintains she never had an exclusivity agreement or verbal arrangement and has since mutually ended her relationship with Poker News to become a full time poker player.