word type: noun

  1. A gambling situation where neither side wins. In a poker hand, when two hands of equal strength showdown on the river, it is a push.
  2. To go all-in.
  3. To physically move the pot to the winning player in a poker hand.
  4. The term that poker dealers and supervisors use to describe the rotation of dealers from table to table.

Examples for Each

  • 1) When one player hold AK and another holds AT and the board is AAKK4, those hands push.
  • 2) "First player raises, second player pushes, I wake up with AA and I push, too."
  • 3) "The dealer pushed the pot to the wrong player!"
  • 4) "What is the pushing order?"

Pushing Every Hand

A video of Gus Hansen pushing all-in every hand of a poker tournament.