Sharks with Lasers

word type: who knows

  1. A tilted grimstarr once wished that sharks with lasers would attack stevesbets.
  2. A type of fish (known as a "Selachimorpha" to the academic community) with a light that emits a beam using a process called stimulated emission.

Visual Examples

While sharks with lasers are typically not found in the wild, they do exist -- as proven by the following images. These images were created by unknown Two Plus Two posters.

grimstarr and stevesbets

grimstarr and stevesbets

Full Chat Log

See the bolded text towards the bottom.

Grimstarr: steve
Grimstarr: bets
Grimstarr: log on fulltilt
Grimstarr: and pl
Grimstarr: ay me there
Grimstarr: i busted this roll on ps
Grimstarr: but i know u play ftp
Grimstarr: and i want to continue our match
stevesbets: i have no money there
Grimstarr: wtf
Grimstarr: i really hate u
Grimstarr: scum bag
Grimstarr: u understand
Grimstarr: how hard
Grimstarr: u sucked out today
Grimstarr: for that 40k
Grimstarr: ****ing idio
Grimstarr: t
stevesbets: wow
stevesbets: how DARE you
stevesbets: say
Grimstarr: **** ur mother
stevesbets: ANYTHING to me
stevesbets: u have gotten
stevesbets: INSANELY lucky
stevesbets: day after day after day after day
Grimstarr: u cracked
Grimstarr: every overpair
Grimstarr: calling oop
Grimstarr: preflop
Grimstarr: KT
Grimstarr: A4
Grimstarr: etc
Grimstarr: **** u
Grimstarr: die in hel
Grimstarr: u ****ing ******
Grimstarr: lover
Dealer: Game #10360813600: stevesbets wins pot ($599)
Dealer: Game #10360823914: stevesbets wins pot ($100)
Dealer: Game #10360825327: stevesbets wins pot ($50)
Grimstarr: get ur *** on ftp
stevesbets: wow
Grimstarr: now
Grimstarr: u **** nig
stevesbets: i heard u were on a downswing
stevesbets: didnt think it was that bad
Grimstarr: die
Grimstarr: for real
Grimstarr: ill kill u
Dealer: Game #10360826556: Grimstarr wins pot ($300)
stevesbets: LOL
stevesbets: most ppl could kill me
stevesbets: but u
stevesbets: lol
Dealer: Game #10360830315: Grimstarr wins pot ($299)
Grimstarr: dont
Grimstarr: lol
Grimstarr: me
Grimstarr: u **** face
Dealer: Game #10360834107: Grimstarr wins pot ($50)
stevesbets: i saw u at commerce
Grimstarr: go
Grimstarr: to
Grimstarr: the
Grimstarr: full
Grimstarr: tilt
Grimstarr: and
Grimstarr: play me
Grimstarr: 40k lol
Grimstarr: ur such a **** face
stevesbets: i would LOVE to
stevesbets: but i ahve no money there
Grimstarr: id love
Grimstarr: to end ur life
Dealer: stevesbets has a pair of Eights
Dealer: Grimstarr has high card Ace
Dealer: Game #10360835384: stevesbets wins pot ($299) with a pair of Eights
stevesbets: i woudl take it
stevesbets: i woulndt mind dying, and ud go to jail
Dealer: Game #10360840356: stevesbets wins pot ($100)
Dealer: Game #10360842222: Grimstarr wins pot ($299)
Grimstarr: never
stevesbets: im gonna be nice
stevesbets: and not get ur chat banned
Grimstarr: **** it
Dealer: Game #10360845699: Grimstarr wins pot ($50)
Grimstarr: i care
Grimstarr: it just got unbanned
stevesbets: do u reallize how INSANLEY lucky you were
stevesbets: to run up 600k
stevesbets: or whatever amount u did
stevesbets: ur destined to go broke
stevesbets: the way u play
Grimstarr: steve
Grimstarr: is that
Grimstarr: ur real name
Grimstarr: steve?
Grimstarr: do u play
Dealer: Game #10360852243: stevesbets wins pot ($100)
Grimstarr: live
Grimstarr: at commerce
Grimstarr: a
stevesbets: too scared of you
stevesbets: to responnd
Dealer: Game #10360853486: Grimstarr wins pot ($100)
Grimstarr: yeah be quiet then
stevesbets: LOLLLLLLLLL
Grimstarr: u make
Grimstarr: the best
Grimstarr: ****ing
Grimstarr: calls
Grimstarr: ever
Grimstarr: yo **** fce
Grimstarr: lets play live
Grimstarr: in commerce
Grimstarr: or **** it
Grimstarr: wherever uy want
Grimstarr: live poker
stevesbets: how bout in vegas
Grimstarr: 25-50 blinds
Grimstarr: fine
Grimstarr: 25-50 blinds
stevesbets: i'll be there june 19 for hu championship
Grimstarr: uncapped
stevesbets: i'll play u in a 20k freezeout
Dealer: Grimstarr, it's your turn. You have 15 seconds to act
Grimstarr: yeah hu
Grimstarr: lol
Grimstarr: **** freezeout
Grimstarr: uncapped
Grimstarr: uc an rebuy as much
Grimstarr: whenever
Dealer: Game #10360863679: stevesbets wins pot ($300)
Dealer: muchbetter will be allowed to play after the button
Grimstarr: whats ur email
Grimstarr: aim
stevesbets: hu pls muchbetter
Grimstarr: somew ay
Grimstarr: i can contact u
Dealer: Game #10360869664: stevesbets wins pot ($100)
stevesbets: why would i give info to someoen who threatned to kill me
stevesbets: just go to rio
stevesbets: u'll be able to find me
Grimstarr: is ur name
Grimstarr: steve
Grimstarr: bets
stevesbets: no
Dealer: Game #10360872534: Grimstarr wins pot ($299)
Grimstarr: ok
stevesbets: but ppl will know me
stevesbets: if u ask where i am
Grimstarr: ill ust look for the ******
Grimstarr: at the 25-5 0 table
stevesbets: i'll find you
stevesbets: 6 6
stevesbets: and really awkward
Dealer: Game #10360875306: Grimstarr wins pot ($299)
Grimstarr: steve
Grimstarr: die
Dealer: Game #10360881671: Grimstarr wins pot ($50)
Grimstarr: burn
stevesbets: i dotn get it
stevesbets: u play 300 600
Grimstarr: die
stevesbets: why u gettin so mad over 40k
stevesbets: ?
Dealer: Game #10360882859: Grimstarr wins pot ($100)
Grimstarr: look
Grimstarr: at
Grimstarr: how
Grimstarr: u
Grimstarr: won
Grimstarr: it
Grimstarr: then
Grimstarr: thnk
Grimstarr: before
Grimstarr: u ask
stevesbets: what about the 100k
Grimstarr: ******ed
Grimstarr: qs
stevesbets: uve bad beat me for
stevesbets: on ft
stevesbets: does that not count?
Dealer: Game #10360890328: stevesbets wins pot ($100)
Grimstarr: **** urself
stevesbets: u put sick beat after isck beast after sick beat on me
Grimstarr: with an iron dildo
stevesbets: WHoo kid hu plz
Grimstarr: jump off a cliff
Grimstarr: into
Grimstarr: a pool
stevesbets: i almost did after playign u once
Grimstarr: of sharks
Grimstarr: with lasers
Grimstarr: HOLY ****
Dealer: Game #10360897571: stevesbets wins pot ($799)
Grimstarr: U ****HEAD
stevesbets: tilt it up
Grimstarr: do me a favor
Grimstarr: buy a car tomorow
Grimstarr: and drive it into a brick wall
stevesbets: lets play 5k hu sngs
stevesbets: i'm sitting in one now
Grimstarr: i have
Grimstarr: no roll
Grimstarr: stevebets
Dealer: A new game will start in 15 seconds
Grimstarr: what a **** face